GP Medical Negligence Claims with Sweeney Solicitors


GP Medical Negligence Claims with Sweeney Solicitors
General Practitioners (GPs) are often the first point of contact for many seeking medical advice or
treatment. They play a crucial role in our healthcare system, addressing a vast array of health
concerns and referring patients to specialists when required. While many GPs offer outstanding
care, there are unfortunate instances where errors occur, leading to potential harm for the patient.
At Sweeney Solicitors, we stand firmly by those affected by GP medical negligence, ensuring they
receive the justice and compensation they deserve.
Understanding GP Medical Negligence
Medical negligence by a GP can manifest in various ways, including:

  1. Misdiagnosis or Delayed Diagnosis: Where symptoms are overlooked or misinterpreted,
    leading to incorrect treatment or late interventions.
  2. Prescription Errors: Prescribing the wrong medication, incorrect dosage, or failing to consider
    potential drug interactions.
  3. Failure to Refer: Not sending a patient to a specialist when it’s clinically necessary.
  4. Inadequate Patient Examination: Not conducting a thorough examination, which may have
    highlighted a medical issue.
  5. Not Following Up: Failing to follow up on test results or missed appointments that could
    reveal serious health concerns.
    The Ramifications of GP Negligence
    Mistakes made at the primary care level can lead to:
  • Worsening of an existing condition.
  • New health complications.
  • Emotional distress and loss of trust in the healthcare system.
  • Potential long-term impact on overall well-being and quality of life.

  • Pursuing a GP Medical Negligence Claim with Sweeney Solicitors
    If you believe you’ve been a victim of GP negligence, it’s essential to understand that you have rights
    and are entitled to seek compensation. Here’s how our team will assist:
  1. Detailed Investigation: We will meticulously review all medical records, notes, and
    correspondences to build a solid case.
  2. Consulting Experts: We engage with medical experts to offer insights and bolster the claim’s
  3. Transparent Evaluation: We’ll give you a clear understanding of your claim’s potential
    success, the expected compensation, and the timeline.
  4. Relentless Representation: From negotiations to potential court hearings, we’ll represent you
    every step of the way.
    In Conclusion
    GP medical negligence can have profound implications on a patient’s life, leaving them feeling
    vulnerable and betrayed. At Sweeney Solicitors, we aim to navigate these challenging times
    alongside you, offering expertise, compassion, and unwavering dedication. If you or a loved one
    believes you have faced negligence at the hands of a GP, don’t hesitate to contact us. Together, we’ll
    ensure that justice is served and your rights upheld.
    Wrong Prescription Medical Negligence Claims with Sweeney Solicitors
    Medication is an integral aspect of healthcare, often providing relief from ailments, enhancing the
    quality of life, or even saving lives. But what happens when the very medicine meant to heal causes
    harm due to a wrong prescription? At Sweeney Solicitors, we recognise the profound consequences
    that prescription errors can have and are committed to supporting those affected by this form of
    medical negligence.