GP Clinical Negligence Claims

Negligence Claims

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A high standard of care is expected from our GPs. When ill or injured, they are usually the first medical practitioner to which you reach out. Usually, we are satisfied with the prescribed treatment and level of care. However, in some cases, a GP’s actions or lack of action can result in original conditions becoming worse over time leading to a breach in their duty of care.

If you have experienced GP clinical negligence, you may be entitled to make a claim for damages. If you are a patient in a private GP practice, you may be able to make a claim directly against your healthcare provider whereas in other cases it is likely that the claim will be made against the practice as one organisation.

Types of GP Negligence

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  • Failing to investigate symptoms.
  • Failing to act on test results.
  • Poor record-keeping in relation to patient information.
  • Failing to refer the patient to a specialist.
  • Medication or prescription errors.
  • Failing to review medication/defective drug administration.

What are the consequences of GP negligence

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  • Incorrect treatment may be given.
  • Deterioration of medical condition or injuries.
  • The patient may sustain personal injuries.
  • Incorrect treatment may be given.
  • There may be a medication or prescription error made.
  • Their original illness or injury may become worse over time.
  • They may need further treatment and medical attention as a result.

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How to prove GP clinical negligence

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To proceed with a claim for GP malpractice, you must first determine that clinical malpractice has occurred. Firstly, you must prove that clinical negligence would not have happened if another GP or medical professional treated you. 

In many cases, negligence occurs as a result of a breach in their duty of care where they have failed to ensure the health and safety of their patients. If it is found that a GP or a practice has been unable to show a reasonable level of duty of care and patients have been affected by this, they may be found liable in any claims made for negligence.

To successfully win a clinical negligence case, it must be proved your GP was negligent. The relevant standard of care owed to you was below the reasonable standard of care and skill practised. The court may decide that a GP is negligent if the specialist follows the general and accepted practice among healthcare professionals, but there are inherent defects which would be evident to a specialist in their area.

The court may also decide that if a GP is negligent if they depart from a general and approved practice.

The compensation of GP clinical negligence claims

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Clinical negligence claims rarely end up with a trial in court. Many cases are settled after all the investigations are completed and before legal proceedings are issued, and the majority before a trial commences.

Our clinical negligence specialist solicitors will assess and discuss with you and your loved one the merits and disadvantages of settling or continuing a legal action depending on the compensation awarded at various stages of you or your loved ones clinical negligence claim.