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Proof of Identity 

When visiting your Notary Public Cork, you must satisfactorily prove your identity and place of residence and the Notary must keep the identification records for five years.

This process has to be repeated every time you go to the Notary unless you have been with the same Notary within the previous three months.

1. You must prove your identity, and that means producing your original passport.
2. Lesser proof will only be accepted for compelling reasons which must be satisfactory to the Notary Public Cork.
3. The Notary Public will give no assurances in advance that your substitute document of identification will be acceptable.
4. If your passport number is given in the document to be notarised, then the passport must be produced, without exception.
5. If any other identifying detail is given in the document to be notarised (such as Identity Card number or tax number), then whatever document proves that other detail must also be produced.
Utility Bill
You must also prove your current residential address by producing a recent utility bill (not being a mobile phone bill) addressed to you at your stated address within the previous
three months.
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