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Please further note the Department of Foreign Affair will only put an Apostille on a document in English – if the document you require an Apostille on is in another language you will need to have the same translated by an official translator prior to having the document Notarised.

The Notary will question you as regards your understanding of the nature and purpose of the document and will not notarise it if you cannot give the Notary that assurance.

This is to protect you and the Notary in case the language of the document or the practice of the country in which the document is to be used would suggest that the Notary is doing or saying more than either you or the Notary understand to be the case.

If you live in a state where foreign document translation must precede the notarization, you should get it translated now.  You cannot rely on machine translations for legal documents. Not only do they make costly errors, but they don’t give you certified copies and can thus not hold up for legal purposes.

Instead, to ensure that you do not suffer delays or get turned back due to poor translation, you should only entrust this task to professional translation services. They are fast, efficient, understand the nuances of different dialects, and ensure that your notarization goes through.

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