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A cancer diagnosis is an event that no one ever wishes to face. Yet, when it comes, early and accurate detection is paramount in ensuring the best possible outcome for the patient. But what if that diagnosis is delayed, missed, or incorrect? Cancer misdiagnosis can significantly affect a patient’s chances of recovery and can lead to dire consequences. At Sweeney Solicitors, we understand the devastating impact of cancer misdiagnosis and are here to support those affected.

**Understanding Cancer Misdiagnosis**

Cancer misdiagnosis can take various forms:

1. **Missed Diagnosis:**

Where a medical professional fails to identify the presence of cancer altogether.

2. **Delayed Diagnosis:**

Where cancer is eventually diagnosed, but due to prior oversights, the diagnosis comes later than it should have.

3. **Incorrect Diagnosis:**

Where a patient is wrongly diagnosed with cancer or diagnosed with the wrong type of cancer.

4. **Misinterpretation of Test Results:**

Where lab results or imaging scans are not correctly interpreted by the medical practitioner.

**The Impact of Misdiagnosis**

The implications of a misdiagnosis can be life-altering. Early detection of cancer is often crucial to successful treatment. A delay or oversight can lead to:

– Progression of the disease to a more advanced stage.

– Limited treatment options.

– Reduced chances of successful treatment.

– Unnecessary treatments in case of incorrect diagnosis, leading to potential side effects and emotional distress.

**Your Rights and Making a Claim**

When you approach a healthcare professional, there is a reasonable expectation of accurate diagnosis and treatment. If there is a failure in this duty of care, and you suffer harm as a result, you are entitled to seek compensation.

**Here’s how Sweeney Solicitors can assist:**

1. **Investigation:**

We delve deep into the medical records, consultations, and other pertinent details to understand the gravity of the oversight.

2. **Expert Consultation:**

We collaborate with oncology specialists and other medical professionals to understand the nuances of the case.

3. **Assessment:**

We provide an honest appraisal of your claim, discussing potential outcomes and compensation avenues.

4. **Representation:**

From documentation to negotiations or courtroom representation, we offer a comprehensive service ensuring your voice is heard.


Cancer misdiagnosis can bring a wave of anguish, confusion, and anger. But amidst the emotional upheaval, you have the right to seek justice and compensation for the negligence faced. With Sweeney Solicitors by your side, you’re assured of expert guidance, empathy, and unwavering support. If you believe you or a loved one has been a victim of cancer misdiagnosis, reach out to us. Our mission is to bring you justice and peace in these trying times.

If you suffer from an injury or disease which you have developed as a result of the poor treatment or misdiagnosis by medical or dental professionals, you may be entitled to claim compensation. 

This is referred to as medical negligence, though sometimes it is called medical malpractice or clinical negligence. It occurs when substandard care is given to a patient, either by action or failure to act, that either worsens their current condition or causes additional injury to them. 

Usually, these injuries are avoidable because the medical practitioner should have adhered to the standard of medical practice and duty of care expected of their profession. However, in most cases, medical professionals are dedicated, diligent and practice in a safe manner.

  • Dental injury claims
  • Cancer misdiagnosis claims
  • Birth injury claims
  • Cosmetic surgery claims
  • GP claims

The settlement outcome of a medical negligence claim will depend on particular factors. For example, whether you have a history of similar medical issues, the long-term effects of your injury, the type of injury or illness sustained. These are referred to as two types of damages:

General medical negligence damages

Non-financial damages include; pain and suffering, physical and emotional damage, loss of quality of life, and loss of opportunity.

Special medical negligence damages

These refer to out of pocket expenses incurred as a result of the malpractice. These can include: 

  • Loss of earnings and future earnings.
  • Current and future medical bills.
  • Care fees.
  • Costs of adapting a home.
  • Physiotherapy fees.
  • Payments for medical equipment.
  • Expenses for ongoing medication needed.

What’s the time limit to make a medical negligence claim

Medical negligence is a complicated part of Irish law and there is no definitive answer as to how long your claim will take. However, how long you have to make a medical negligence claim is defined.

The ‘Statute of Limitations’ is the formal term for the legal time limit in which you can make a medical negligence claim. This is usually two years minus one day after the date of knowledge of the injury.

The date of knowledge is often the date the accident occurred. However, sometimes, a person may not realise their injury until some time after an accident. In such cases, this is the date of knowledge.

Children are not allowed to make a medical negligence claim because they are classed as minors. Instead, their two-year time limit begins on the 18th birthday.  However, a parent or legal guardian can make a medical negligence claim on behalf of a minor following the medical malpractice. This option is typically more desirable because it is easier to uncover reliable evidence to strengthen the child’s case if they filed as soon as possible.

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