Birth Injury – Mother

Injury to the mother can be sustained prior to, during or following the birth. These injuries can be a result of medical negligence. Inadequate medical care can result in these complications:

• Pregnancy malpractice/maternal birth injuries –
mismanagement of the pregnancy.
• Vaginal tears or lacerations.
• Pelvic injuries during birth.
• Broken bones.
• Ruptured uterus.
• Complications caused by delivery using forceps.
• Abnormal bleeding caused by medical negligence.
• Incontinence.
• Damage to bowel or bladder.
• Nerve damage after giving birth.
• Post-traumatic stress disorder.
• Wrongful death of the mother.
• Forceps Injury.
• Incorrect caesarean section.
• Infection.
• Pre-eclampsia or eclampsia.
• Improper stitching following caesarean section.

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