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A&E Medical Negligence Claims with Sweeney Solicitors

A&E Medical Negligence Claims with Sweeney SolicitorsAccident & Emergency (A&E) departments are high-pressure environments where medicalprofessionals frequently make split-second decisions that can significantly affect patient outcomes.While many of these decisions lead to positive outcomes, there are, unfortunately, instances wherenegligence can occur. At Sweeney Solicitors, we are deeply committed to supporting those affectedby medical negligence in […]


GP Medical Negligence Claims with Sweeney Solicitors

GP Medical Negligence Claims with Sweeney SolicitorsGeneral Practitioners (GPs) are often the first point of contact for many seeking medical advice ortreatment. They play a crucial role in our healthcare system, addressing a vast array of healthconcerns and referring patients to specialists when required. While many GPs offer outstandingcare, there are unfortunate instances where errors […]


Cosmetic Surgery Medical Negligence Claims with Sweeney Solicitors

Cosmetic Surgery Medical Negligence Claims with Sweeney SolicitorsCosmetic surgeries are meant to enhance or improve an individual’s appearance, giving themrenewed confidence and self-esteem. However, what happens when the very procedure meant tobetter your life leaves you with unwarranted complications and results?At Sweeney Solicitors, we understand the profound impact such outcomes can have on a person’slife. […]

Cancer Misdiagnosis Medical Negligence Claims with Sweeney Solicitors

A cancer diagnosis is an event that no one ever wishes to face. Yet, when it comes, early and accurate detection is paramount in ensuring the best possible outcome for the patient. But what if that diagnosis is delayed, missed, or incorrect? Cancer misdiagnosis can significantly affect a patient’s chances of recovery and can lead […]

Notary Public Cork | Foreign Language Documents

FOREIGN LANGUAGE DOCUMENTS Please further note the Department of Foreign Affair will only put an Apostille on a document in English – if the document you require an Apostille on is in another language you will need to have the same translated by an official translator prior to having the document Notarised. The Notary will […]

What is a Notary Public?

A notary public is someone who has been appointed by the state to authenticate legal documents and verify the identity of the document’s signer(s). Notaries can be individuals such as lawyers or government officials. Notarisation (the process of getting your document signed by a notary public) helps prevent fraud by ensuring individuals authenticate their documents […]

Medical Negligence | Childbirth Injury

To bring a medical negligence case, you must prove that the injuries you have suffered would not have occurred if the treatment you received had not been substandard, as defined by law. To prove this, you must have all relevant medical records and documentation relating to your case. Such records will enable your medical expert to demonstrate […]


Sweeney Solicitors – Medical Negligence Specialists

If you suffer from an injury or disease which you have developed as a result of the poor treatment or misdiagnosis by medical or dental professionals, you may be entitled to claim compensation.  This is referred to as medical negligence, though sometimes it is called medical malpractice or clinical negligence. It occurs when substandard care […]